Everyone is different.  No matter what kind of person you are, we have the ability and experience to be able to speak to you clearly and succinctly about your project and desire for services.

By providing knowledge, background, and insight, Comfort Architecture guides and assists clients throughout the building design and construction process.  We can help turn the process into something fun and rewarding.

No two projects are alike, but we have found that all projects benefit from an approach that embraces our DISCOVERY | DESIGN | DELIVERY process.


We seek to perfect the art of listening. Only through really understanding what you need can we design something that is imaginative, creative, and useful to you.

We ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. As we start to define the problem, we ask more questions, the process is repeated, and the definition of the problem comes into sharper and sharper focus revealing interdependencies and sometimes conflicts that can be sorted out and prioritized. The more the architect and client can come to an understanding of what the issues are all about, the better the design solution will be, because it is that much more responsive to the problem. These prioritized discoveries are documented to become the Program – the definition of the project, and can then be used to evaluate the merits of various design solutions.

Finding solutions to a problem is the easy part of the process. Figuring out the problem in the first place is the challenging part. We help people sort out the issues and assist with both articulating the problem as well as finding the solution.


We don’t have a “style”. We use client goals and aspirations as the main form determinant for a building. At the same time, we’re looking for opportunities to blend in with the site and surrounding community, as well as be responsive to the environment where the building will be located.

We create architecture that in addition to solving the Client’s problem, takes advantage of an opportunity to express an idea or ideas that represents the client’s values, that takes advantage of desirable site conditions, that takes advantage of an opportunity to be responsive to the environment in a unique manner.

Most importantly, we’re looking to provide solutions that enable people to use the sensory input of seeing and experiencing a building to feel the architecture, to feel emotions and experience sensory and intellectual stimulus. We strive for Architecture with Meaning.


In order to transition a project from design to reality, Comfort Architecture’s role is twofold… assistance with regulatory requirements to allow construction to occur, and assistance with issues related to construction when it is underway. In this role, the value of Comfort Architecture is that we have already built the project… in our minds.

To convey the design intent and to facilitate construction Comfort Architecture prepares drawings acclaimed by builders and architectural review boards throughout the community for their clarity and thoroughness – drawings that contain just the right amount of information – not too little and not too much. Having built projects with our own hands, we know what information plan reviewers and builders need, and how best to organize that information so that it can be easily found.

We can observe the construction and address any misunderstandings as they arise. Or even better, through regularly scheduled construction site meetings, upcoming aspects of construction can be discussed among the architect, client and builder to clarify any potential conflicts or issues before they become a problem.