You found Comfort Architecture because you have a problem with part of the built environment.  It may be a building that doesn’t exist yet, or an existing building that’s not to your liking.  You’ve got a problem that needs solving or a potential that hasn’t been realized.  You know what you want and realize there are limitations as to what can be done, but need help with how to overcome your challenges.

We invite you to lean on the imagination and knowledge of Comfort Architecture.  We can help solve your challenges, be conscious of your needs, and put you at ease when making changes to your environment.

It’s your world.  Let us help you make the most of it.

Founded in 1987, Comfort Architecture began as a firm specializing in single family residences, both new homes and additions and alterations to existing homes.  Since that time the firm has expanded into areas of multi-family housing, commercial, and educational architecture.

Although we appreciate the freedom of expression allowed by new construction, we revel in the challenge of dealing with the added layer of complexity and rigor that an existing building adds to the design process.

We delight in envisioning architecture from an overall conceptual idea down to the parts and pieces that make up a building – the details that can make a building special.

Comfort Architecture caters to clients with special interests or wishing to pursue something a little different.  Striving to make client goals and aspirations the main architectural form determinant, fulfillment and gratification in our work is obtained not only from design and realization of the design through construction, but more importantly, through the process of design – working with clients to identify unique opportunities and arrive at innovative solutions.

Founding principal Randall Comfort has been involved in the design and construction of the built environment for more than 35 years.  After graduation with honors from the University of Kansas School of Architecture, he worked for various St. Louis area architecture, real estate development, and design-build firms, honing skills and developing expertise not only in the practice of architecture, but also in areas of programming, project management, firm management, and owner representation.

During this time, Randall not only designed but also did much of the construction work for three extensively renovated older residences for himself and his family.  He can relate to the inconveniences of going through a renovation project.

Business and life partner Linda Comfort joined the firm in 1998 as principal responsible for business development.  After graduation from the University of Kansas School of Fine Art with a degree in Design she pursued a career in the printing industry, developing skills in all phases of the industry, including color separation, photography, and client services.  As an account executive, she specialized in working with graphic arts and public relations clients.