Featured in Better Homes & Gardens publication “Dream Baths”, this master bathroom was originally a “Jack & Jill” bathroom that was shared with the adjacent guest bedroom.  As part of a major renovation, the door to the guest bedroom was closed off.  The existing subway tile was retained where possible, along with an existing pair of wood cabinets and a marble countertop in front of a pair of windows.  Everything else was removed.  Unfortunately, because the tile had been set in a mortar bed, only a small amount of it could be salvaged for reinstallation as part of the new design.

The Owners wanted to create a bathroom with a relaxing, sensuous atmosphere that didn’t speak to style; that would appear contemporary and timeless at the same time.  The sconce lighting fixtures, soaking tub, double bowl vanity, toilet and faucets were all selected for their ability to contribute to this theme through their curvaceous form.